What is DIH

What is Digital Impulse Hub?

Digital Impulse Hub (DIH) is an alliance of chambers of commerce, universities and local government to help the digitalization of SMEs and local government in Catalonia. We address their challenges, we provide digital solutions and seek resources to support them in their digital transformation process.

Digital Impulse Hub makes the latest digital and creative technologies available to local government, training, internationalization, trade, services and industry.

An unprecedented alliance between local government, chambers of commerce and technological universities, thanks to their laboratories and research groups.


Digital Impulse Hub began its first steps in 2018, but was formally born in 2019, after many years of collaboration among its members in awareness, information and training in digitalization, promoting technology transfer among SMEs and encouraging them to network with universities research groups. The Hub has also promoted e-learning, awareness and implementation of technologies such as Industry 4.0 for industrial SMEs and small Midcaps, strengthening  the digital audiovisual sector., as well as supporting technological start-ups and promoting digitalization with the support of  European funded transnational projects.

Digital Impulse Hub is not conceived from technology to end-users, but from end-users’ needs to digital solutions. It focuses both on the different sources of digital innovation and also on the digitization needs of the target groups: Catalan SMEs (industry, commerce and services), local administrations and organizations with training needs in Catalonia.

Testing and experimentation facilities

In the Technologies / Sectors map of the Digital Impulse Hub, you can clearly see the capabilities, technologies and facilities available among the founding members and collaborating entities of the Digital Impulse Hub, which fully cover the technologies needed to facilitate the incorporation of digital e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing solutions for almost every activity sector, from manufacturing, commerce, distribution, services and local administration, and the specialization in technology solutions applied to training and the digital applications of the audiovisual and creative industry. 


Digital Impulse Hub has been set up as a consortium of entities, with the aim generating synergies thanks to the integration of the actors of the triple helix in Catalonia: universities with a long tradition in research and technology transfer, companies -SMEs and small Midcaps- represented by the chambers of commerce and industry, and the local administration of Catalonia, and a wide network of national and international support. Joint efforts of each member contributing with their experience, know-how and resources, in a coordinated way for a shared aim.


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